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Write a Procedural Document

This procedure describes the direction to the cotton farms. Cotton farms are the main source of income for the residents who live around the farms.  The people who work are kind, as you can immediately notice in your first encounter with them. Because there are no passenger buses going down the cotton plantations and the distance to the plantations if you live on the neighborhood when using the only country road is approximately a kilometer, you will need to go there at dawn so that you give yourself ample time to get there and interact with the workers in the plantation. It is very chilly hence warm garments may be needed.

  1. Access the only country road leading to all the cotton plantations. Walk straight down the road.
  2. Find along the road and ahead of you a tent with a darkened roof, approximately two thirds of the journey from the point the journey began.
  3. Identify a fire place beside the tent. If there is fire, you will notice it as an orange fire which seems to seep out of the stove which appears to be old and rusty.
  4. Meet a young woman with a baby beside the stove a soon as you draw closer to the tent. Walk straight to the woman, who may be nursing a baby.
  5. Warm yourself over the stove as you exchange greetings.  Impress your host with a smile so as to feel secure to entertain you around her house. Introduce yourself by your names and your mission to visit the cotton plantation.
  6. Request the woman to introduce you to the men she lives with assume that they are percent. Exchange greetings with the men and restate your mission in this new place.
  7. Learn how the woman hair is kept while serving handling food and the manner in which she sets the table for breakfast.
  8. Respond negatively incase they inquire if you had your breakfast since I believe sharing a meal with strangers is one way of creating a good rapport.
  9. Accept the invitation of the men to join them as they leave for the cotton plantations.
  10. Wind up you visit to the cotton plantations after making all the necessary observations on the actual distance covered from your residence, the magnitude of the work done on the cotton plantations and the lifestyle of the people who work in them.

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